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Drs. Toussaint and LaKeisha Williams

Drs. Toussaint and LaKeisha Williams have been married and worked side-by-side in pastoral ministry for 17 years. Both are avid educators and enjoy using creative methods to teach spiritual lessons to audiences of all ages. 

Dr. Toussaint Williams is a pastor and educator. He has a PhD in Character Education and an MBA in Finance. He serves as an Associate Pastor at Oakwood University Church in Huntsville, AL. Dr. LaKeisha Williams is an educator, musician and author. She has a PhD in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Global Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development. 

Together, Drs. Williams started 90 Degree Ministries, an educational and philanthropic organization. This personal endeavor combines a number of interests that they have pursued over many years including developing spiritual education materials for family and youth ministries, and delivering personal development seminars for churches.

Dr. Toussaint Williams recently published a 30-day devotional titled "One Day At A Time". It is a spiritual journey through the book of Proverbs to help build regular habits of bible study and prayer. To purchase a copy, please use the link below.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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